Edinburgh Running Coach

Lynette Low is a UK Athletics Coach in Running Fitness and a Level 3 Personal Trainer.  As Edinburgh Running Coach, she encourages strength, confidence and happiness through running.

Running should be an adventure, for your body as well as your mind.  It should unlock a sense of freedom and excitement, give you a feeling of escape.  Being able to challenge what you thought you were capable of is one of running’s great gifts.  The first time you run to the end of the street to completing your first marathon, each achievement should give you the belief that you can still do more and give you the drive to go out an achieve it.

I have felt that since I started running a decade ago.  Each milestone was a revelation and discovering new routes was enough to keep me planning new training runs and entering races.  I want to pass that on to others.  Learning techniques on how to run steady long runs, to tackling hills and speed sessions are all a part of the joy of running.

I have completed 7 marathons to date (some with more success than others), however each one has taught me something new, whether about injuries, my training plan, my physical and mental well-being or the support I have from family and friends.  They are the reason I am where I am with running today.

I started We Run Edinburgh in May 2017 as a way to bring the gals of Edinburgh together and explore the city.  The idea was to encourage and inspire each other and that is what we are doing.  Everyone is friendly and always happy to see each other, which makes turning up to a session worthwhile.

I qualified as a UK Athletics Coach in Running Fitness  and a Level 3 Personal Trainer in 2018 and since then have started New Runners and Progressive Runners groups to teach the fundamentals of running.  The end goal is to encourage Strength, confidence and happiness both mentally and physically through running.

What do you want to achieve? Let me help you get you there.